Best online piano lessons for kids 2021

Best online piano lessons for kids 2021

It doesn’t have to be that way anymore, thanks to modern technology. If you want to learn piano in 2021 or have children who want to learn, the most amazing online piano courses will give you much more varied and delicious options for all budgets.

Despite this, individual piano lessons remain one of the most efficient ways to start your piano journey. If you find a competent local teacher with whom you get along, he will learn in an organized and progressive way, with weekly lessons and home practice in between. However, the cost and hassle of committing to a weekly schedule is detrimental to many people.

Many aspiring pianists seek help on YouTube. After all, it’s free. There’s a lot of video content on the internet, so you’ll probably be able to discover lessons for the songs you want to play pretty quickly. However, there is no guarantee that the videos are accurate and the quality of the instructions provided can be quite inconsistent. With so many options, finding the right classes can seem like a gamble.

This is where the best online piano instruction services in this area can help. They combine the best of both worlds: the freedom to learn at your own pace in your own environment that the Internet provides, with specialized software that provides the structured learning and educational seriousness of a true teacher.

Because they are essentially web-based, most online piano training solutions are compatible with both Mac and PC as well as some Android smartphones. Suppose you connect a MIDI keyboard to your PC or laptop. In that case, the software will be able to detect which keys you’re pressing and which ones you’re missing, allowing you to see how well you’re doing (or not). The location will be able to rate your progress to keep score, often in a trophy-based fashion similar to a video game.

What makes learning piano online so attractive?

If you’ve always wanted to study piano but never had the time or found traditional face-to-face lessons too expensive or difficult to fit into a hectic schedule, learning at your own pace in the comfort and privacy of home is a great option.

Today’s leading online piano lesson programs accessible to young pianists combine the best of both worlds: an affordable, hands-on alternative to traditional instruction with access to one-on-one coaching if needed.

What qualities should you look for in online piano lessons?

The answer to this question is strongly related to what you hope to get out of the experience. Do you know how to play some songs and want to surprise your coworkers at the next office party? Are you a complete newbie looking to rise through the ranks to a high level? Or are you just looking for a fun way for your kids to learn piano fundamentals?

Just about any online piano training service worth considering will suit many talents and goals, from total beginners to expert musicians. The most successful sites combine recorded video content, often organized into courses based on skill level, with custom software that provides structured learning with progress monitoring and immediate visual feedback.

Several websites provide a free trial period or introductory content to test if the system works for you or even if a piano is a right instrument for you in the first place.

Another crucial aspect, depending on the equipment you intend to use with the service, is whether the service works with a MIDI keyboard and acoustic piano or a non-MIDI keyboard with built-in speakers.

If all you have is the upright piano in your parents’ living room, you’ll need a site with proper note identification through your device’s microphone. Still, MIDI support is a must if you have a basic MIDI keyboard controller that doesn’t generate sound on its own.

How does the price compare to individual lessons?

Most websites offer monthly or yearly subscription plans that break the cost of the lessons into manageable chunks. Online sessions range from $15 to $50 per month depending on the length of the membership and the variety of information available, compared to a general average price of $20 for a typical 30-minute one-on-one class.

On this basis alone, the cost of online classes for a month is significantly less than the cost of a traditional 30-minute lesson per week.

What MIDI controllers are best to use with online piano lessons?

MIDI control boards use a single USB cable to power the keyboard and send MIDI data, which tells the computer which keys you’re pressing as you play.

Many controller keyboards do not have their sounds because they are designed to work with DAWs and software instruments that generate sound within your computer. Still, they’ll work just as well with online piano teaching sites as a MIDI-compatible digital piano or keyboard with its built-in sounds and built-in speakers.

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