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death and die

This article explains a few things about grief, and if you’re interested, it’s worth a read, because you can never say what you don’t know.

For more than 15 years, I tended to the needs of the dying. They taught me a lot about life. Every day we go and grow through a transformation process. We are constantly letting go of the old and taking in the new. We are never the same. We are closely related to our thoughts, desires, intentions, and experiences.

Think about it for a moment. When you buy a new car, it eventually wears out. On the way your car will change. You adapt to the changes and change your lifestyle to live according to the capacity and usability of the car. The same goes for your body. It is your vehicle. It is what you use to go around the world.

Because we often define our own destiny, it is vital that we are aware of our thoughts. Becoming aware of our conscience is the first step to be able to determine the direction of our lives. Now, we don’t fully know the future, but we can predetermine much of it by putting our thoughts into action.

It continues to amaze me how my parents and the people I cared for as they died used to tell me they were okay. We adjust our lives and our destiny in relation to how we accept and embrace the path that lies before us.

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Something happens when we experience a loss. Our emotions intensify. We feel what is inside of us. We begin to pay attention to our soul. This look inside ourselves allows us to find our true identity. it is our soul. We come alive from the inside out. In a real way, we are becoming more soul than body.

This article’s coverage of information is as comprehensive as it can be today. But you should always leave open the possibility that future research may uncover new facts.

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