Fitness Equipment Review: Marcy WM1509 Multigym
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Fitness Equipment Review: Marcy WM1509 Multigym


For those of us intending to start an exercise regimen, it’s important to understand that any successful program has two essential components: cardiovascular training, also called “cardio,” and strength training, also called “weight training.” For cardio, exercise that raises the heart rate and keeps it in a particular “zone” is the most effective type. For strength training to be successful, you must exercise against some type of resistance, such as weights. There are countless strength training exercises available, many of which require specialized equipment. Fortunately, there is fitness equipment called a “multi-gym” that allows you to perform a wide range of strength exercises, many of which previously required separate machines, on a single machine. Here’s some info on a multi-gym we quite like: the Marcy WM1509.

General rating:

4.5 out of 5 stars

Key features:

This machine features a 2000 lb tensile strength aircraft cable that is designed to withstand heavy use. Another quality feature is that the three 3/4″ pulleys have sealed bearings to keep out dust, dirt, and sweat. Constructed of heavy-duty 2″ x 2″ tubular steel, the frame will withstand even the most vigorous exercises. Finish durable powder coated.The arm curl pad is adjustable, and the WM1509 comes with a lat bar, rotating straight bar, and ankle strap.The leg developer has oversized roller pads with a point of precision pivot allowing for correct muscle isolation.Another quality feature is a ‘pec dip’ also known as a ‘seated lever fly’ This allows the user to perform a strength training exercise based on the chest fly, which is usually performed with free weights, in this main piece of gym equipment.


around £300

Product description:

The Marcy WM1509 is a versatile piece of fitness equipment that is quite compact, a feature that those with limited space will surely appreciate. Despite its compact size, it allows the user to perform a wide range of gym-quality exercises, including bench, incline, and shoulder presses. It also offers the popular butterfly, along with a series of exercises to develop the legs. The machine has high and low pulleys, a preacher curl pad, and a lateral pull-up bar. The WM1509 has sealed bearings that provide a smooth, fluid action, and a covered 45kg weight stack for added safety.

Product specifications:

This multi-gym weighs 101 kg (222 lb, 15.8 st). Its dimensions are 160cm deep x 110cm wide x 209cm high. The maximum user weight that the WM1509 will support is 140 kg (308 lbs, 22). The WM1509 has a one year parts and labor warranty.

About Marcy Fitness

Founded in 1946, Marcy Fitness is dedicated to providing safe and effective fitness equipment that enables users around the world to perform a wide range of strength-training exercises. Company founder Walter Marcyan was dedicated to taking strength training out of the gym and into the home. The company remains fully committed to his vision.

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