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How a husband should love his wife and how a wife should love her husband

Let’s think of love not as a word but as an action. Instead of saying “I love you”. Show your wife that you love her. Be more loving! How can a man show his wife that he loves her? Doing!

Forget the box of chocolates and flowers. Any man can go buy these things. But no man can show love to his wife on a whim. Chocolates are eaten and make your wife fat and grumpy; the flowers wither and die in three days. What about showing your love by doing things that you know your wife will enjoy?

~ How should a husband love his wife ~?

When was the last time you drank and dined with your wife? How about a mini vacation? Are you the romantic type? If not, find out how you can surprise your wife by being a romantic guy. What would that imply?

A woman likes a man who knows how to cook. How about cooking an intimate candlelight dinner for two? You do not know how to cook? Get a cookbook and do it anyway. Have fun in the kitchen and have fun.

Don’t forget, your wife likes to be touched and hugged without the pressure of sex looming in the near future. Sometimes cuddling and cuddling are more important to her than the actual act of sex. It’s not that she doesn’t like orgasm, but that she wants to KNOW that you love her more than the act of sex itself. Hug her and hug her and chances are, you will get what you want later.

The most important way to show your love is through your acceptance and validation. Are you the type of man who discards your wife’s choices, wants, and needs through invalidation? This type of behavior will cause all kinds of problems in the marriage. Let me tell you why.

By invalidating his wife in any way, he has essentially rejected her. You will feel that your opinions, decisions and beliefs do not count and should not be considered as important. She will keep this on her conscience and come back to haunt you later in the marriage. This will not be on purpose, but mainly because you have hurt her. She loves you and when you invalidate her feelings, thoughts, actions, beliefs, points of view and opinions, she hurts herself!

Let me tell you a great secret about women, which also includes your wife. Your wife may ask for your opinion on something because it is in her nature to get a second opinion, but that does not necessarily mean that she will go with your opinion or your opposite point of view.

I am not referring here to submission either. I’m talking about your wife’s everyday thoughts and actions. If for any reason you feel that you better disagree with her thoughts and feelings, do so AFTER you’ve said something positive about the way she thinks and feels. Be understanding! If you really validate it, she will see it in her own way for herself, even if she doesn’t admit it.

Your wife may also like to vent her feelings more than you do, not because she needs you to find a solution, but simply as a sounding board. Validate what he has to say and then ask him if he is looking for an opinion or a solution before giving one. This doesn’t make a lot of sense to you, but it makes a lot of sense to us women.

~ How a wife should love her husband ~

I firmly believe that it is easier to make a man happy than for a man to make a woman happy. I believe this because men don’t really ask for much. If they can camp on the hard ground with ants and other insects, how difficult will it be to please them? Yes, I know this sounds superficial but think about this for a moment. Have you noticed that your man is much happier and less stressed when he has his two most important needs met, sex and food?

It is also true that the path to a man’s heart passes through his stomach. They love to eat and they love to eat good tasty meals. When they have a full stomach and have been physically cared for, a man does not ask for much more.

Do not forget that the house is a castle of men. Knowing this, do your best to keep your castle tidy and free from stressful situations that can upset your balance. He has worked all day and wants to come home to a sweet, loving wife, not a curmudgeon and a TV dinner.

Appreciate every little thing your man does around the house. Make your man feel like a man by being a woman. Give him a hug and a kiss where it matters, talk about your day together. Do not sexually reject your husband. Make him feel good about himself by telling him. Respect him for who he is and what he does!

Basically, a woman needs validation and intimacy, and a man needs sex and good food. Find ways that you can give yourself into marriage by being more loving in these areas.

And men, having shown their wife how much they love her, can buy her the chocolates and the flowers.

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