New electric car charger reduces recharging time

Hybrid vehicles have become increasingly popular in the US since Toyota launched the Prius some time ago. The skyrocketing price of gasoline has prompted American car buyers to opt for these fuel-efficient vehicles that can go up to 50 miles on a single gallon of gasoline.

In response to the demand for hybrid vehicles, automakers are looking for ways to add another feature to the already fuel-efficient hybrid vehicle. Plug-in technology has already been knocking on the doors of the automotive industry. This technology allows hybrid cars to be recharged from a normal household outlet. This means that the car’s built-in battery pack to power the electric motor can be conveniently recharged and sufficient battery power is available.

Apart from hybrid electric cars, there are also full-time electric vehicles that use plug-in technology.

A pioneer in the manufacture of electric cars is ZAP. This company has offered American motorists the choice between electric cars that are classified as zero-emission vehicles. This means that ZAP cars do not produce greenhouse gases that contribute to even greater global warming.

ZAP tricycles are equipped with plug-in technology. Electric cars typically need up to six hours to fully charge their battery. This means you can charge your electric car while you sleep at night and wake up to your ZAP electric car charged and ready to go.

But developments in the automotive industry are constant, and ZAP has announced that they are offering an electric car charger that reduces charging time from hours to just thirty minutes.

The company said the charger for the XEBRA, its electric car, can be configured to fit a 110- or 220-volt outlet. The revolutionary charger can provide up to 100 amps or 10,000 watts of electricity in the car. The company promises that the new charger will significantly increase the range of the XEBRA.

ZAP President Gary Starr has this to say about the new charger: “This new charger can reduce charging time from hours to minutes. Now you can drive your electric car all day with just a few short stops. In time It takes you to eat for lunch, you can plug your XEBRA into the charger and have a full charge in less than an hour. Think of it like putting your XEBRA to graze. “

The fact that the XEBRA is a zero-emission vehicle means that with its use, the emission of greenhouse gases is limited to zero. This shows that there are technologies available today that can stop global warming as effectively as an EBC pad to stop a vehicle. And with the technology for these cars growing steadily, the use of electric cars like the XEBRA is sure to gain momentum.

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