How to prevent your Blue Heeler puppy from biting

Blue Heelers come from a long line of Australian Cattle Dogs. In fact, many would find it interesting to know that the name “heeler” comes from his habit of pinching the legs of cattle while herding them. Although they are more commonly known today as lowly pet companions, there will still be times when their natural instincts can get the best of them.

That is why puppy training is essential for Blue Heelers. Biting may not seem like a harmful thing, especially among puppies. But as it starts to grow, that habit can become a problem. When a Heeler bites other people or animals, it is not doing so to intentionally hurt them. But whatever the case, it is always better to try to eliminate this habit as soon as possible.

As sheepdogs, Blue Heelers are naturally full of energy. Contrary to popular belief, this playful energy can also be a cause for pinching. To help channel this energy into a less invasive habit, there are a few things you can do. It will definitely help if your dog does a variety of exercise activities.

The training is almost the same as training any other puppy, except that they can appreciate more time outdoors due to their extremely high endurance. In addition to taking them for a walk every day, it would also be helpful to initiate playtime on a regular basis.

Work on teaching the puppy all the basic tricks like: sitting, staying still, and rolling over. By teaching them these things, your dog will soon develop the discipline to obey your other commands. Whenever you notice that your Heeler puppy starts to pinch something, it will be enough to reprimand him with a stern “no.” Never use physical punishment because it may just end up scaring you rather than disciplining you. Having chew toys will also work well to decrease your pup’s desire to pinch things.

In such cases, positive reinforcement will help as well. Once you Blue heeler puppy do something to your liking, reward it with a small dog treat or some playtime. If he does something contrary to your liking, let him know what he did wrong as well. Along with this, be sure to properly socialize your dog as well.

Years later, once it reaches full size, you will be thankful that you gave up the habit of pinching. Do your best and start training your puppy as soon as possible.

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