It is much easier to lose belly fat with a diet than with exercise
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It is much easier to lose belly fat with a diet than with exercise

Everyone wants a flat stomach, but what holds most of us back is the amount of work it takes to achieve it. Who wants to go through those painful exercise routines. Forget painful, who has the time? Well, for those of you who don’t get excited about hitting the gym every day, I have some good news for you. You can lose belly fat on a diet without that strenuous exercise.

To lose weight we need to create a caloric deficit. It’s much easier to create a calorie deficit by watching what we eat rather than trying to burn off our indulgences through exercise. Just 100 calories a day will equal 10 pounds in a year.

100 calories is nothing. We often eat 100 calories without even thinking about it. A slice of bread has 100 calories, two Oreo cookies or a Pop Tart have 100 calories. I’m willing to bet you mindlessly munch on 100+ calorie snacks, too. A Snickers bar has 270 calories. There are over 500 calories in a Big Mac.

To burn 100 calories you would need to run for 10 minutes, walk for 20 minutes, or lift weights for 20 minutes. Exercise is great, but personally I’d rather live without the vending machine than add extra minutes to my workouts.

Cut your daily calorie intake by 100 calories per day and you can lose 10 pounds in a year on that alone. Cut 200 calories a day and you’ve just cut 1400 calories that you don’t have to sweat every week. It is much easier to lose belly fat on a diet than it is to burn it off.

Don’t overdo it and try to starve yourself, but keep track of what you eat every day for a week. I’m willing to bet that just being aware of what goes into your mouth will cut at least 100 calories a day.

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