Pirate baby clothes: are you sick of pink and blue?  Original Baby Shower Gifts!
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Pirate baby clothes: are you sick of pink and blue? Original Baby Shower Gifts!

Be honest. Your baby’s wardrobe consists of one or two colors. Three maximum. When you shop for baby clothes, you don’t have a lot of variety. It’s the same colors and designs with just a little pattern variation, right? I went through the same thing until I found out that pirate baby clothes were available on the internet!

No, I’m not saying I patched my baby’s right eye and handed him a sword (although that would be cute too…), but I did find some amazing little pirate shirts and bibs that made him the coolest baby ever. the playgroup. Now wherever we go, I have other moms asking me where I got the rags from him. He is quite flattering.

You’d think that after all these years, stores would catch on and start selling pirate baby clothes and other cool baby stuff, but most haven’t. They stick to the same old pink and blue, and then there are the mystery colors: yellow and green. This gets boring after a while, you know? Sure these are cute, but I wanted to switch it up sometimes. But until now he didn’t have many options.

I love surprising a new mom with pirate baby clothes at her baby shower! It is guaranteed to be an original gift that no one else brought! And if you want to add the sword and eyepatch, you can always gift a baby pirate costume. Modern new moms will love these unique gifts.

If you want your baby to be as cool as you are, consider adding pirate baby clothes to your wardrobe. They’ll thank you later when they look at their baby photos and see that her mom had a great sense of fashion. Then they won’t be embarrassed when you show their baby pictures to all their dates! (Or they won’t be so embarrassed, anyway!)

Break the vicious cycle of pink and blue and style your little pirate with baby pirate clothes!

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