Pitbull Puppies For Sale – Beware – What Exactly Are They Selling?

PitBull puppies for sale; He reads it in the newspaper, on lawn signs, on store bulletin boards, and anywhere else he can think of; Sale of pitbull puppies. But what exactly are they selling? What is the general pedigree of these pitbull puppies for sale? Are they mixed with another race? Will they be mentally stable when they grow up? Do you want this close to your family?

All puppies are cute, cuddly, sweet and innocent little creatures that we can’t help but like them; It’s no wonder so many people want puppies, especially from their own dogs. So they cross their dog to the street guy who has the same breed or the same breed type without considering or even thinking about the outcome of these puppies when they are fully grown. There are many people who will raise their dog with their neighbor’s dog with the idea of ​​adorable puppies in mind. Everyone will love them and sell them in the newspaper, on a sign in the yard, or in an advertisement hanging on a post board in the store. But a big problem arises when the occasional breeder or backyard breeder starts raising and selling puppies. It may not be that they are not necessarily concerned about the quality of the puppies; is that the idea of ​​the quality of the puppies never enters their minds. They are just thinking of adorable puppies that everyone will love and can sell. These backyard breeders get just what they want, adorable cuddly puppies as expected. It is when these pups that are raised without quality control and without selective breeding standards grow up, that is the problem. This is when the adult dog’s bad temper arises and becomes dangerous.

These backyard breeders do not know what they are doing and do not know that they do not know what they are doing (unconscious incompetence). They don’t have to breed dogs. Unfortunately, it is these flawed breeding practices combined with one another that have damaged the reputations of many breeds, Rottweilers, Dobermans, German Shepherds, and especially Pit Bulls, to name a few.

Well-behaved dogs that win competitions and titles are bred by experienced breeders who have the knowledge and lots of foresight to raise a litter of puppies. What is required to help ensure the quality and integrity of all breeds, including pit bulls, is knowing which dogs to breed together, be it line, double, triple, or cross, along with proper selective breeding standards. Getting a puppy from a knowledgeable and experienced breeder is important when considering who that puppy is going to be with (when fully grown); your family, friends and children. You will obviously want a quality, well-behaved dog from an experienced breeder who practices proper selective breeding standards.

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