Rahu the planet of shadows

Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets and have no physical form like seven other planets. Taurus is his exaltation sign and Scorpio is his weakened sign. Rahu also acts as a catalyst agent to enhance the results of that strong planet with which it is attached.

Rahu Card General Tics:

  • Considered cruel, signifier of servitude, dark complexion, tamsic or arrogant nature, severe or evil thinking, Rahu also represents the Akash element and contributes to the psychosis of fear and madness.
  • Rahu is a planet in the shadows, therefore it deals with the actions of the shadows or the psychological aspects of a person. Rahu represents the head of the serpent, it hits too fast, so it is an indicator of accident. Has secret deals. People with a strong Rahu even try to understand the mysticism and secrets of the universe.
  • Rahu is a career leader in research, scientist, computer programmer, lecturer, psychologist, expert in mental illness, politician, and radio / telephone / television and astrology related jobs.
  • Rahu is in charge of sinking with a boat or drawing, pleasure with sick women, life in a cave. Being a significator of the Akash element, Rahu is also responsible for air travel. Rahu can cause imprisonment if placed in the 12th house.
  • Rahu like Saturn has separative tendencies, therefore he breaks many houses and even business partnerships. He is responsible for marital or family discord. It is a sudden planet, so it gives quick and sudden results. In human relationships, the mother-in-law and in-laws dominate.
  • In the human body, Rahu is an indicator of skin diseases, causes abortions and affects the nervous system, phobia, stuttering, leprosy, tumors, snake pieces, amputations, leprosy, vertigo and infant deaths.

Planetary Effects of Rahu:

  • Generally Rahu offers the results of the planets with which it is united, or by which it is aspected or by the ruler of the sign in which they are placed.
  • Astrologers regard Rahu as very strong and powerful and he wrests the power from a planet / s with which he is associated. Rahu is taking all the attributes / qualities of that planet / s and the result can occur accordingly in his period.
  • If Rahu is placed in charities such as 5th / 9th and if he is in conjunction with the lord of Maraka or aspected by him, the hose is 2nd / 7th, it causes death in his Dasha, even through the lord of the house 5th / 9th are very auspicious or produce raj-yoga.
  • If Rahu is in the houses of Maraka or in the second / seventh and if he is united or aspected by the lords of the fifth / ninth, it does not cause death, but increases one’s health and contributes to the longer life of the native.
  • If Rahu has the 2nd / 7th rhythm and if the 2nd / 7th lords are united with him or the Rahu aspect, the latter gains the power to inflict death.
  • Place Rahu in house 8/6/12 and associated with lords of quadrants / trines, the natives will enjoy the beneficial results during the transition period or Mahadasa of said planet, but they will also suffer from diseases, suffer many difficulties and meet accidents. during Antradasha of the lord of the planets 8/6/12.
  • Rahu is placed in 1st / 3rd / 4th / 7th / 9th / 10th and the beneficent planets or Yogkarak combine it or aspect it, one can expect happiness, health, wealth, children, power, prosperity and transportation comforts in their periods.
  • Rahu combines with Sun / Moon or in close conjunction with them produces Eclipse yoga. This yoga affects digestion and progeny. The native faces many difficulties in life regarding luck, educational career, and childbirth.

Brief description of the effects produced by the placement of Rahu in different houses:

  • 1st — cruel, brave, dark complexion, faith in religion.
  • 2nd — Argumentative, quarrelsome, computer or electronic knowledge.
  • 3rd — rich, fighter, athlete, healthy.
  • 4th — unhappy, problem related to mother and property.
  • 5th — progeny problems, miscarriages, shyness, low intelligence.
  • 6th — winner, no enemy, disease free.
  • 7th — late marriage / unconventional, diabetic and selfish.
  • 8th — exile, relaxed morals, litigation and settlement outside the place of birth.
  • 9th — political career, wealthy and expert in many fields.
  • 10th — politics, interest in literature and scholar.
  • 11th — excess income stream and fame.
  • 12th — imprisonment, holy fame earned outside the country.




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