School phobia – Didaskaleinophobia and treatment and cure of fear

School phobia – Didaskaleinophobia and treatment and cure of fear

There has been little research on school phobia. However, the consensus is that the basis of school phobia is probably separation anxiety. Once at school, the boy usually behaves well and does her job. Overprotective parents may unknowingly contribute to the problem. Then the child may lack self-confidence.

A change of school, bullying or teasing by other students, a very strict teacher or a learning difficulty can also be part of the problem. You can find a treatment and cure for school phobia and fear.

You must insist that your child go to school every day. Unless the child has a fever, send him to school. Please note that most schools will not allow a child to remain in school if they have vomiting or diarrhea.

Does the child have friends? Does he spend the night at a friend’s house, does he play at someone else’s house? If so, your problem is probably not separation anxiety.

If it appears that the problem IS school related, meet with school officials to see what can be done to help alleviate your child’s fears. It can be as simple as changing the child’s seat. Asking for a different teacher can make the problem worse. He will have to get used to another teacher and a new set of classmates.

Keep your child home only when one or more of the following symptoms are present:

– repeated vomiting

– toothache

– frequent diarrhea

– constant cough

– ear pain

– fever over 100 (or 37.8c)

Mild cold symptoms shouldn’t keep her from school.

Talk to your child about why he doesn’t want to go to school. Ask him exactly what annoys him about school. Ask him what bad things can happen to him there. Reinforce that he needs to be at school and that everyone is going to protect him.

Don’t let a child below the high school level watch the morning news. The war, a school shooting, a criminal on the loose in his area will only reinforce the idea that he needs to be around mom and dad.

If there has been a change in family dynamics, our school-age child may be reacting to that. Divorce, remarriage, a new baby, death, loss of a pet, or a sibling leaving for college can turn her world upside down.

By now, you may be wondering if there is anything you can do to help your child through this difficult time in his or her life. There are several steps you can take that work for most school-age children.

Make sure your child goes to school every day. This is the surest way for your child to overcome her fears. Returning to the routine of being at school will lessen the physical symptoms your child has been experiencing.

If she wakes up late, send or take her to school anyway. School attendance is a non-negotiable rule. Do not give up. Assure him that he will do well in school. If you miss the bus, have a plan for someone to drive you to school.

Talk to your child about what is so scary about being at school. He lets her know that she understands him, but he insists that she go to school. This strategy should bring about a treatment and cure of the phobia and fear of school in a few weeks.

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