Speeches from the mother of the bride

You were there when she was born. You were there when she first fell in love, experienced her first heartbreak. And now you’ll be there when you marry the love of your life.

As the mother of the bride, you have probably played an important role in making the big day happen. Your daughter has likely turned to you for advice and guidance in organizing the entire event. When she was overwhelmed, you were her support. Now, it is your turn to show your appreciation and love for your daughter in a mother of the bride speech.

This is a great day for her, as you well know, so make your speech reflect that. Funny stories are great, but you don’t want to tell a story that will embarrass the bride on her wedding day. That could make your big day memorable for all the wrong reasons.

How far you go with your jokes and what anecdotes you tell depends a lot on the bond between you and your daughter. Only you can judge which jokes you will appreciate and which jokes will offend you. As a general guide, think about your own wedding. What stories would have embarrassed you if it was your wedding day? The same is likely to be true of your daughter.

This is not to say that personal stories and jokes should be avoided. The opposite is true. Everyone is happy and having a good time at a wedding. They are more than willing to laugh at a well-placed joke or funny story. You just have to carefully judge which jokes and stories are appropriate for the situation.

Jokes and anecdotes aside, also remember to share some of the most sentimental moments that you and your daughter have shared. A wedding is not only a time to laugh and new beginnings, but also to give thanks and remember how you got to this day. Stories about her growing up, stories about when she and the groom met, stories about the bond between you and your daughter – these are all fantastic, sentimental pieces for your speech. They allow you to relive a special moment with your daughter while you share it with the rest of the guests.

Since you probably helped prepare the wedding, you know how much work was done. There were ushers, maids for the bride, groomsmen, places to reserve, invitations to send, food to order, and arrangements. Keep all of that in mind during your speech as well. Think about the people who helped make the wedding day. It takes a lot of people to organize such an event. Take time in your speech to thank these people.

If this seems overwhelming to you, don’t worry, it actually isn’t. The mother of the bride speech really comes down to you and your daughter. That should be the strength and the backbone of your speech. The link that already exists will be the most important factor in shaping your speech. Take the time to prepare your speech, but also to sit back, relax, and breathe. You already have everything you need to make this speech a success. It is simply a matter of preparing ahead of time and staying calm when it is finally time to deliver the speech.

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