Strategies For a CIO Advisory to Foster Innovation Within the Organization

Strategies For a CIO Advisory

Whether they’re dealing with complex IT projects or managing the IT function, it’s vital that CIOs are adept at creating a culture of innovation in their organization. However, this is not always easy as many organizations struggle to make the shift from a traditional IT department that serves internal needs into a business partner with a shared vision.

The ability of nontechnical people to understand and use technology will have a major impact on how well businesses generate value, so CIOs must prioritize tech literacy across the organization. This can be done through training modules, but it’s important to note that adults learn best by doing. Therefore, CIO advisory should consider co-investing with their business leaders to develop tech champions who can help their colleagues solve problems with the technology that’s already in place, as opposed to bringing in outside vendors to train them on new technologies.

In addition, CIOs should ensure that their IT teams are equipped to innovate by ensuring they have the right talent. This means that they need to focus on hiring for the right skills, including soft skills, as well as leveraging their existing resources through staff augmentation and mentoring programmes. The latter is especially important because research has shown that the majority of IT managers and employees have a low satisfaction score when it comes to being able to work at their full potential.

Strategies For a CIO Advisory to Foster Innovation Within the Organization

CIOs should also take a more active role in leadership-level conversations about diversity and inclusion, as well as pushing their organizations to embrace initiatives like sponsoring local Girls Who Code programs and partnering with historically black colleges. Upskilling the IT workforce will not only create a better experience for current employees, but it can also reduce the need to bring in outside consultants for new projects, saving money and time.

Finally, CIOs should set the tone by establishing an internal culture that delights developers. This can be done through promoting an environment of psychological safety (where everyone feels safe to raise issues quickly) as well as by investing in world-class planning and development tools that will allow developers to get their jobs done faster. The most successful CIOs are those who put humans at the center of their IT decisions and practices.

If you’re struggling to foster innovation within your o rganization, a CIO advisory can provide the insight and support you need. By working with you to identify the challenges you’re facing and the strategies you can employ to improve your IT operations, our advisors can help you overcome obstacles and deliver real results. To find out more about how our services can benefit you, contact us today.

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