The coronavirus is invited to the Euro indoors: Eline Berings and the Polish 4x400m withdraw!

The tests carried out daily at the European Indoor Championships have revealed positive cases. Eline Berings thus revealed this morning to have tested positive for Covid-19 this Saturday, on the sidelines of her participation in the 60m hurdles series, and must unfortunately forfeit the semi-finals of the event (she had to start at 1:46 p.m. this Sunday). “No need to explain how devastated I am”, she wrote on Twitter.

Another important news for the Belgian Tornados: the Polish 4x400m relay should also withdraw, according to local media, with four positive cases in the team! However, the protocol invited all athletes not to maintain any contact with people outside the hotel where they are staying and to only go to the hall where the competitions are held. That raises a lot of questions …

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