Thomas Carmoy offers fourth bronze medal to Belgium

The 21-year-old crossed bars at 2.10m, 2.15m and 2.19m on the first try. At the next height, 2.23m, Thomas Carmoy, who has a record of 2.28m, experienced a great fright with two failures then, fortunately, a perfectly successful third attempt allowing him to retain the provisional 6th place. At 2.26m, Marc Muryn’s pupil then made a magnificent first attempt. Arms raised on the landing mat, he seemed to have regained his confidence! And above all, assured of finishing at the worst fifth, he climbed on the podium… provisional, only Tamberi and Nedasekau having done as well at this height.

At 2.29m, Gianmarco Tamberi took the lead over his competitors with a first successful attempt immediately, Nedasekau passing him to the second. With the German Potye having failed three times, Thomas Carmoy, assured of finishing third, tried to stay in the game but he failed against his personal best three times. Nevertheless, what a great medal for the Carolo!

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