Unusual character education programs
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Unusual character education programs

You don’t have extra time to teach character education programs because you are already a great model of your most precious character traits.

you love your children

  1. Be good students and good children.
  2. To be healthy and loving.
  3. Have a lot of friends. AND
  4. You want some peace of mind knowing that you have done a very good job preparing your children for adulthood.

Am I right so far? Excellent. You’ve come to the right place for help. But there is one more character trait lacking in his children that often annoys him.

Can you think about it? Come on, be honest. I know a lot of people say you’re not supposed to want this, but deep down in your heart, you do.

When was the last time your kids made you breakfast in bed? (Mother’s Day does not count.)

Or cleaned your rooms without you yelling or yelling? Mainly, you want them to appreciate a little bit of what they have.

But is this realistic? Can toddlers and children appreciate what their parents do for them? And should they?

Introducing children to gratitude is a difficult and challenging task. However, it is possible to plant the seeds and one day they will sprout, you can be sure.

Let me share an unusual character education lesson plan, based on the character traits of extraordinary leaders, that shows how character education programs You can plant the seeds of a lifelong gratitude.

One character trait forms the basis of this program.

  1. Children who learn this trait (even if it doesn’t manifest until adulthood), are guaranteed heart success.
  2. Nothing is more important to a successful life than being rich in being grateful for who you are and what you have.
  3. I will teach your children to begin expressing gratitude for the things they now take for granted. You can witness how they become happy. This expands their hearts to love themselves and others.

How to be happier expressing gratitude daily

Have your children follow the steps below. (Until the end of the lesson, I speak directly to your child, so please print this out for your use.)

Step 1: Buy a special notebook that is your Gratitude Journal.

Step 2: Start a section called the Gratitude Inventory. (1 minute)

Step 3: Think of 5 things you have to be thankful for. For example, your house, your bed, your pet, your best friend, your clothes, your mind, etc. (3-5 minutes)

Step 4: Make a list of these 5 things. (35 minutes)

Step 5: Say to yourself or out loud: “I am thankful for or I am thankful for _______ (each of the 5 things on your list). (2-3 minutes)

Step 6: Add 6 more things to your list. Things can be parts of the body, for example, “I’m thankful for my heritage, I’m thankful for my eyes, I’m thankful for my brain, etc.” (3-5 minutes)

Step 7: Write a short note (100 – 200 words) expressing gratitude and thanks to your favorite person or best friend in the whole world. (15 minutes)

Step 8: Send the note or give it to your favorite person. (2 minutes)

Step 9: Notice how you feel. Do you feel different than when you started this exercise? Explain and share with mom if there is a difference. (35 minutes)

Step 10: Repeat 10 steps weekly for 3 months.

Mom, with your guidance and your son’s efforts, he will learn to express gratitude on a regular basis, because it makes him feel so good.

Article Summary

I just shared how to teach your children to be grateful. Gratitude is one of our most important assets for a successful life.

The more your children express their gratitude, the happier their hearts will become. However, there are other ways your children can be happy now, even if they never express gratitude. Visit the resource box that follows this article for more resources on character education programs that empower children to be happy now.

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