The shocking image of the César 2021 is the naked and militant body of Corinne Masiero

OHe will keep an image of the César 2021, that of Corinne Masiero naked on stage and fist raised with, written on her breasts and her stomach, “No Culture, No Futur”. Slogan that we will also see inscribed on some masks in the room. Shortly after 11 p.m., the star actress of Captain Marleau, come to award the César for the best costume, appears the bloodied face, stamps as earrings, under a donkey skin “a little yucky” if not first had “the sun-colored dress of Catherine Deneuve because judged not essential ”. Known for its cash language, the one we saw this year in Clear history, by Kervern and Delépine, frees itself from this skin to reveal a long bloody dress in the Carrie at the devil’s ball before finding herself completely undressed, in the costume of “who wants Roger the intermittent?” “.

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